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Tour,You can control by your self !

5 Ways to make you good up feeling in Thailand trips.

By Local boy, Phuket

Someone might ever met to a bad matter about their trips but just a little bit which may be caused from personal manner,is not whole of Thai people. My experience,found that trouble often happen from personal habit both some tourists and services people by not learning first,for example, Jetski playing and damaged charge,laws and standard prices for rental including rental cars and motorcycles.

The best ways,you have to learn  the main information where you want to go and do.

1. Getting to know the conditions and standard services prices before  agreement to play or use it.

2. Planning to travel and wake up in early morning for your breakfast and then waiting to a driver pick you up to the destinations under appointment time. If a driver comes and not see you in hotel lobby,he may check to tour offices,if not it's your duty to inform your tour agent to help you travel by other cars.

3. You must to do follow travel agent conditions shows in the travel schedule.You no delay to ask the rights or useful information to you.

4. Make and follow the rule of security and safety methods anywhere you are,hotels,restaurants,in the cars,in the boats including any transportation because your life are valuable than to the risk.

5. You are shouldn't destroy the natural environments and social norm in each community or show sexual to publics if you love travel around the world,especially in Thailand. You are freedom to do everything under local laws and tourists privilege which the good things

Thai people,most of them has the good habit and always smiling including they have the good hospitality and a positive thinking always to the visitors/tourists  in Thailand,the lands of smile. I hope to see you happy and amuse in travel/leisure in Thai. however it's up to you,to come/goes in this amazing lands.(Yes/No?)

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