May 3, 2017

 Take a little bit today to take a photos if you love nature, because the picture is our memory.
If you bored about romantic zone in Phuket,you can finds another feelings. If you finding  somewhere in Phuket to relax, I will tell you that is Muddy beach. You will see the local folk way of life.  No booking and no costs!!

Find shells for meals.
I am here
Borae village,public area

What is that? No cost to plays on the muddy beach

We are here

Kids zone

A good day

Muddy beach 
Sea water rise

Muddy beach is a name I called it
Sun set on Muddy beach
when the dark coming
the last light
before I came back home

Muddy beaches are beautiful,but why do not we see?

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These photo are waiting you come to survey around the Borrae village in Vichit ,Phuket
Take a time to relaxing on the Muddy beach, it nice for me and my kids. Suitable times to visit here 3PM to 7PM/All my photography used a smartphone,Thanks for visit my blog

See the google map..